Computed Radiography Solutions

Enjoy the speed and convenience of digital radiography, as the REGIUS Digital Imaging Suite will meet all your imaging needs. Take advantage of the flexibility of a combined DR and CR solution. Use cassette-less DR for all upright examinations including spine, skull, chest and any erect procedure. Use a cassette-based CR Receptor for table, stretcher and portable exams.
Enjoy peace of mind with the redundancy of a fully integrated CR.
Simplify applications with a unified imaging platform on a single control station.

A new Compact, high-performance design
Utilizing a unique dual bay design, the high speed reader of REGIUS Model 210 processes up to 100 14 x 14 plates per hour for maximum performance. This next generation reader radically improves workflow all within a mere 58×58 cm footprint.

Centralized image checking for flexible layout
The “Ultimate Resource Sharing” concept provides the flexibility to separate the location of the consoles and the readers. This allows for the same fast and thorough image checking as with conventional systems. The result : system layout and productivity are optimized according to the number of examinations conducted, the work line and floor space.